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Founder Schavon Suchanek harbors a deep love and admiration for the island and spirit of Haiti. After several devastating natural disasters ravaging the country, Schavon set out to assist in rebuilding the fractured infrastructure, visiting the island on numerous ministry missions to provide a better world, life, and reality for the thousands of victims who were left impoverished, homeless, and without medical care. Her deep love for the people, the environment, and the culture of Haiti drives and motivates her to devote her life to alleviating the financial and physical burden the victims face each day.

While on her trip to Haiti right after hurricane Matthew, Schavon realized she wanted to contribute on a grander scale. She decided to use her extensive knowledge and expertise in real estate, and building-and-design to launch Project Lakay. With the help of

several supportive colleagues in the industry, she has been able to design affordable new-construction housing that can easily be implemented in a timely manner. Having worked alongside the revered Pastor Sam of the Glory Glory Orphanage in Haiti, Schavon has been able to immerse herself in Haitian culture and society, giving her a unique insight on the strife Haitians face today. Her deep knowledge of the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the island gives her the ability to successfully carry out the mission of Project Lakay.

With its commitment to providing housing, education, and medical care for the impoverished victims of Haiti’s recent natural disasters, Project Lakay is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

As a successful real estate agent, Schavon donates a portion of each commission she earns towards rebuilding Haiti. Project Lakay is actively seeking other benefactors who feel a deep calling to help the victims of Haiti, who wish to expand the influence of Project Lakay, and who feel the need to join a national effort to support, rebuild, and transform the lives of thousands of Haitians.

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