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Real Estate Services

As a premiere luxury real estate agent, Schavon has committed to donating a portion of her commission to Project Lakay in her client’s name. By choosing to utilize her exceptional service, professionalism, loyalty, and knowledge in their real estate endeavors, all of Schavon’s clients can take pride in their decision to work with her knowing that in doing so it will directly change and impact the lives of Haitians in need for the better.


Design & Build Services

 Schavon is also the founder of SMS Home Group, a team of real estate and construction experts who supply contracting, remodeling, and structural and interior design concepts for homeowners and real estate investors.  SMS Home Group also is dedicated to donating a percentage of all profits to fund the multidimensional facets of Project Lakay.

Financial Contribution

Regardless of whether or not you are in need of real estate guidance or build and design services, Project Lakay is always open to all charitable financial donations. As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity, all donors receive a tax benefit no matter how big or how small their contribution is. Every cent counts in our journey to rebuild Haiti and the lives of those in need.



Volunteers are always needed! Project Lakay gladly accepts help in many different forms, whether it be donating time to our food and clothing drives, helping us with marketing campaigns, providing printing services, or offering legal guidance. If you believe you have the time or a service that can directly help us benefit those in need, please reach out to us immediately! Even the smallest contribution can change someone’s life.


Project Lakay is also proud to forge and build relationships with corporate sponsors willing to donate a percentage of their revenue or pledge assistance on a quarterly, biannual, or yearly basis. As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, we offer our larger corporate sponsors a unique and financially viable option to benefit an island in desperate need of help.

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