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Founder Schavon Suchanek harbors a deep love and admiration for the island and spirit of Haiti. After several devastating natural disasters ravaged the country, Schavon created Project Lakay to rebuild the fractured infrastructure, and provide a better world and life to the thousands of victims who were left impoverished, homeless, and without medical care.


With her extensive knowledge and expertise in real estate, building, and design, Schavon has developed affordable new-construction housing that can easily be implemented in a timely manner. Having worked alongside the revered Pastor Sam of the Glory Glory Center in Haiti, Schavon has been able to immerse herself in Haitian culture and society, giving her unique insight on the strife facing Haitians today.


As a successful real estate agent, Schavon donates 10% of each commission in her client’s name towards Project Lakay.

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Pastor Sam Metelus is the Founder of the Glory Glory Center in Haiti, an organization built to enrich the lives of 54 children orphaned by a series of recent natural disasters that depleted the nation of resources, education, and healthcare. Pastor Sam and The Glory Glory Center are also deeply dedicated to providing the community with the educational, nutritional, and medical assistance needed to rebuild their lives. As Project Lakay’s chief liaison in Haiti, Pastor Sam works to create a logistically efficient support system that benefits both the Glory Glory Center and the people of Haiti by aligning goals, infrastructure, building, and funding with Project Lakay’s mission.


As an essential member of Project Lakay’s core team, Pastor Sam empowers both the children and his surrounding community to make a positive difference economically, spiritually, socially, and politically to ensure a brighter future for all Haitians.

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With her rich history in philanthropy and volunteering, Jessie Suchanek brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and insight to Project Lakay. As a board member and as Project Lakay’s Secretary and Operations Manager, Jessie creates a streamlined and efficient organizational process to effectively manage all aspects of Project Lakay’s functions. Her deep background in health and medicine also informs a unique perspective on Project Lakay’s mission to help deliver proper healthcare to those in need, while also enabling her to build a community of likeminded professionals who are willing to assist on-the-ground in Haiti. Jessie looks forward to using her hands-on approach and work ethic to help Project Lakay continue to expand its services and vision.

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As a successful entrepreneur and real estate professional, Travis knows firsthand what it takes to succeed. By harnessing the same drive, determination, and knowledge that has made him successful in his career, Travis is able to support Project Lakay on a foundational level. His ability to generate support from his vast network of clientele brings an essential outreach element to Project Lakay, empowering the organization to continue to grow and expand the range of support for the Haitian children and families in desperate need. With a background in mentorship and community outreach, Travis is excited to work alongside the team at Project Lakay to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who have endured years of unending hardship.

Project Lakay continues to actively seek other benefactors who feel a deep calling to help the victims of Haiti, who wish to expand the influence of Project Lakay, and who feel the need to join a national and international effort to support, rebuild, and transform the lives of thousands of Haitians.

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