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Building Homes 


Project Lakay’s main goal is quite simple—to build and donate homes to the thousands of people affected by the latest natural disasters in Haiti. With the help of our expert real estate and construction team, we have been able to develop a cost-efficient, time-efficient, and labor-efficient single floor-plan model for approved recipients. Each Project Lakay beneficiary is properly screened based upon a series of requirements, ensuring all financial, temporal, and physical contributions are truly changing lives for the better.



Emergency Disaster Relief

Project Lakay continues to support Pastor Sam, the Glory Glory Center and their local communities in providing emergency disaster relief in the event of any natural (or other kind) of disaster or crisis. Project Lakay is committed in providing food, water, shelter, medical care, and any other need they may have relating to their crisis. 


Providing Health Care 


Recipients of Project Lakay have the option to receive medical attention from any injury, sickness, or disease related to the recent onslaught of natural disasters. Currently, Haiti is experiencing an extreme lack of resources and infrastructure to treat affected individuals, leaving many serious injuries and illnesses to go untreated.



Glory Glory Center​

Project Lakay continues to support Pastor Sam and the Glory Glory Center in providing food, shelter, healthcare, and education to over 56 orphaned Haitian children who were devastated by the 2010 earthquake. Project Lakay works directly with Glory Glory to both raise funds and actively volunteer to ensure each child receives a quality education, becomes a strong pillar in their community, and blossoms into a future leader.


Educational Sponsorships 


All recipients of a Project Lakay home may also have the benefit of receiving a one year all paid for sponsorship of education to help rebuild their lives and livelihood, whether it be through attending trade school or reenrolling in elementary school. Project Lakay is dedicated and devoted to ensuring all of its recipients have an opportunity to rebuild, renew, and reestablish their lives.



Collaborating Non-Profit Partnerships


Coming Soon!

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