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Rebuilding Homes. Rebuilding Lives.

Project Lakay

The definition of the word “Lakay” in native Haitian Creole means “home.” Project Lakay exists not only to build new homes for Haitians in need, but also to develop a sense of peace and permanence on the island.


Project Lakay is devoted to providing the people of Haiti with essential housing, education, and healthcare so that they may live a full, harmonious, and healthy life. Our dedication to rebuilding provides needy citizens with fundamental assistance while simultaneously stimulating the employment, supply, and trade chain within their communities.

Project Lakay aims to support and rebuild the lives of those affected by the many natural disasters Haiti has recently endured. We aim to establish a community of donors and volunteers dedicated to making a positive change on the island, be it through financial assistance or a commitment to service. We believe all humans should have access to adequate housing, education, and healthcare and are actively working to provide these integral necessities to our unfortunate and suffering brothers and sisters in this ravage nation.

Project Lakay accepts support from all members of our global community, whether it be through a financial, spiritual, or service-based contribution.

Helping to rebuild the infrastructure of Haiti is a herculean task. We are actively seeking volunteers to join our team and contribute time and service so that we may better the lives of those less fortunate.

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